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Large scrabble tiles wall art are a great way to tie families together on one wall! Grandkids, In-Laws, step-siblings! A family wall is a great way to show unity. Add life to your walls and show your family pride by adding these scrabble letters to your home décor. I have a variety of options to choose from and offer custom colors/designs (send a message to request custom images and colors!) These large scrabble tiles make a great christmas gift! My large scrabble tiles come in three sizes: .3.5 inches x 3.5 inches, 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches. We have a variety of styles to choose from: QUANTITY: Please add up the total tiles you need and enter that number in the quantity drop down menu and then note which letters and how many of each letter in the Personalization section. COLOR OPTIONS: White distressed tiles with black lettering (D-Wh Tile/Blck Letter) Black distressed tiles with white lettering (D-BlckTile/WhLetter) Brown-Wash tiles with white lettering (BwnWshTile/WhtLetter) Distressed Dark Grey Tile with White Lettering (DrkGryWash/WhiteLet) Distressed Light Grey Tile with black lettering (LtGryWash/BlackLet) Custom Tile/Letter (pick your own colors) HOW TO PICK YOUR LETTERS: In the personalization section please note how many of each letter you will need. For example: (A)4, (B)1, (C)2, etc. Select the amount of tiles that you need. HOW TO PICK YOUR IMAGES: If you would like a dog paw, cat paw, unicorn or heart, please comment in the personalization section. If you want an image that is not mentioned, please send message to discuss further. Additional charge may apply to uncommon images. Be sure to include your images in the total count of tiles you are requesting. DISTRESSING: Distressing is a unique method of aging wood and paint. Due to the difference in wood grain and pressure applied during sanding all distressing will look a little different. WOOD GRAIN: I use new pine. Each tile is custom made and no two pieces of wood are exactly alike. Each piece of wood has it’s own characteristics (knicks, knots, grain pattern,etc). I do take the time to select wood that is in great shape in order to reduce the amount of knicks/knots that each piece has. HOW TO HANG TILES: Command Strips are the best way to hang scrabble tiles. One strip per tile. The back of our tiles are left unfinished so that the adhesive command strips will adhere easier and last longer. Command Strips are NOT included. SATURDAY/SUNDAY ORDERS: These order due dates fall on a Friday and will automatically be rescheduled for the Monday/Tuesday following the original due date. Make your Family Wall complete with these signs from my shop that accent any Family Wall! All colors / frames are customizable!